3 Oct

The most intense experience of living with nature we have designed is Camping, it takes place at more than 7,000 feet above sea level, people who enjoy this activity will be surrounded by a protected cloud forest with trails to walk and the vastness of the starry sky. The activity starts on our Unimog trucks leaving from the front of the restaurant Cafetenango to take a 25-minute ride to the mountain where the camp is installed.

A guide leads the activity, assisting in setting up the tents, the campfire, making participatory activities, enriching night telling the traditions and history of La Antigua Guatemala and the villages and concluding with an overnight trek to the cloud forest without headlights to enjoy the bioluminescence of the forest and the mysticism of the night.
Cancellation Policy: For this activity prior reservation and 100% prepayment is required at least 24hrs in advance. Non refundable.