5 Oct

The highest part of Finca Filadelfia estate is known as cloud forest and this is where the tour begins. You descend by wide and paved trails through the dense natural forest vegetation where “aguacatillo” and oak predominate. There are sighted, for example, endemic species to the region as Hummingbirds, Warblers, Trogons, sparrows, thrushes, etc. Going further, the most easy to see are the red-tailed hawk, Momoto Gorjiazul, Doves, Woodpeckers, Xara Xara Central and Steller, swallow, Bugles, green toucan, Orioles, etc. The pure, natural and safe environment makes this trip an extraordinary experience for birdwatchers, where they have been sighted over 170 species of birds and up to 50 in the time covered by the tour. According to the schedule may be diurnal or nocturnal birds. The tour begins in the center of our farm, trucks will take you to the cloud forest where undertake a hike to the highest point of the mountain known as “La Rueda”, the tour concludes at the bottom of the tropical rainforest. From there, we will take a Unimog to taste the best coffee in Guatemala, Genuine Antigua, produced in Finca Filadelfia with champurradas.

Duration 4-5 hours.
Schedules: It is recommended from 5:00 am or at 2:30 PM

To confirm the bird watching tour 100% prepayment is required non-refundable.