12 Oct

The most complete coffee tour for more than 15 years. Visitors learn about coffee; from the plantation to the cup. You will learn the history, cultivation and processing of coffee on our farm, with over 130 years of tradition that dates from 1870. Starting with a walk through the nursery and coffee plantation, then the […]

In this session, the participant is introduced to the wonderful world of creating designs using as base our R. Dalton Coffee and milk (called latte art) as well as the world of barista (creator of beverages using as a basis the espresso) telling them about general aspects of espresso machines and the mill; roasted beans […]

This session is ideal for those passionate about the coffee who wants to learn or deepen their knowledge in the aromatic coffee. The session takes place in the coffee tasting laboratory at Finca Filadelfia, equipped with all necessary utensils for the participant to learn the general classification of the coffee, roasting process, preparation and mounting […]

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8 Oct

Our fields are designed for all levels of difficulty, including a professional speedball field. We have the best equipment of high durability and performance in all weather conditions, expert referees and 100% biodegradable paintballs. This activity begins with the ascent to the mountain of 25 minutes in our Unimog trucks to get to the beginning […]

7 Oct

The need of  modern enterprise life of get together a team is something you need to consider for your company. We have many different options for small businesses, mid range companies and large enterprises. Our Team Building / Rallies are your right choice for making your team grow together. More information coming soon!.

5 Oct

The highest part of Finca Filadelfia estate is known as cloud forest and this is where the tour begins. You descend by wide and paved trails through the dense natural forest vegetation where “aguacatillo” and oak predominate. There are sighted, for example, endemic species to the region as Hummingbirds, Warblers, Trogons, sparrows, thrushes, etc. Going […]

4 Oct

Our resort offers the possibility to ride on the backs of Texan mules, in a natural and safe environment, through mountain trails where more than 100 species of birds, coffee plantations and forest or just in the valley of Finca Filadelfia.   MOUNTAIN TOUR ON A MULE (2 hours) The tour takes you 2 hours […]

3 Oct

The most intense experience of living with nature we have designed is Camping, it takes place at more than 7,000 feet above sea level, people who enjoy this activity will be surrounded by a protected cloud forest with trails to walk and the vastness of the starry sky. The activity starts on our Unimog trucks […]